Front Office Directory | New York Mets (2022)


Steven A. Cohen: Owner, Chairman and CEO

Alexandra M. Cohen: Owner & President, Amazin' Mets Foundation

Andrew B. Cohen: Vice Chairman

Fred Wilpon: Chairman Emeritus

Jeanne Melino: Board of Directors

Chris Christie: Board of Directors


Sandy Alderson: President

June Napoli: Senior Executive Assistant, President


Billy Eppler: Executive Vice President, General Manager

Thomas Tanous: Vice President, Amateur & International Scouting

Ian Levin: Assistant General Manager, Baseball Operations

Bryn Alderson: Assistant General Manager, Professional Scouting

Tony DeFrancesco: Senior Advisor, Player Development & Scouting

Al Leiter: Special Advisor, Baseball Operations

Brooklyn Covell: Coordinator, Baseball Administration

John Madsen: Coordinator, Baseball Operations


Ben Zauzmer: Director, Baseball Analytics

Kevin Meehan: Director, Baseball Systems

Joe Lefkowitz: Manager, Baseball Analytics

Jared Faust: Coordinator, Major League Strategy

David Lang: Coordinator, Pitching Analytics

Jack Bredeson: Analyst, Major League Strategy

Matt Fleishman: Coordinator, Baseball Systems

David Benedetto: Engineer, Baseball Systems

La-Keisha Towner: Software Engineer, Baseball Systems

Zach Dobroff: Software Engineer, Baseball Systems

Rick Terry: Junior Software Engineer, Baseball Systems

Jesse Cohen: Product Designer, Baseball Systems

Michael Jerman: Senior Analyst, Baseball Analytics

Kuan-Cheng Fu: Analyst, Baseball Analytics

Jake Toffler: Analyst, Baseball Analytics

Desmond McGowan: Analyst, Baseball Analytics

Tatiana DeRouen: Analyst, Baseball Analytics

Sam Saskin: Analyst, Baseball Analytics

Sid Thakur: Biomechanical Analyst, Baseball Analytics

Colin Schwarz: Coordinator, Minor League Information

Daniel Schoenfeld: Coordinator, Minor League Analytics

Jacob Dorris: Integration Analyst, Baseball Analytics

Max Vogel-Freedman: Integration Analyst, Baseball Analytics

Rosario Chiovaro: Integration Analyst, Baseball Analytics

Joe Scarola: Manager, Video Operations

Sean Haggans: Senior Coordinator, Video Operations


Bryn Alderson: Assistant General Manager, Professional Scouting

Jeff Lebow: Assistant Director, Professional Scouting

Ronald Socash: Manager, Professional Scouting

Jason Stein: Coordinator, Professional Scouting

Jason Davis: Coordinator, Pro Player Evaluation & Personnel

Conor Brooks: Special Assignment Scout

David Keller: Special Assignment Scout

Joseph Kowal: Special Assignment Scout

Jaymie Bane: Professional Scout

Pat Jones: Professional Scout

Jim Kelly: Professional Scout

Bon Kim: Professional Scout

Ash Lawson: Professional Scout

Chad MacDonald: Professional Scout

Shaun McNamara: Professional Scout

Andy Pratt: Professional Scout

Roy Smith: Professional Scout

Rudy Terrasas: Professional Scout

Ernie Young: Professional Scout


Marc Tramuta: Director, Amateur Scouting

Bryan Hayes: Assistant Director, Amateur & International Scouting

Tom Fleischman: Assistant, Amateur & International Scouting

Nathan Beuster: Regional Supervisor, Midwest (Cantonment, FL)

Tom Clark: Underclass Supervisor (Shrewsbury, MA)

Chris Hervey: Pitching Crosschecker (Ann Arbor, MI)

Ron Hopkins: Special Assignment Scout (Seattle, WA)

Tyler Holmes: Regional Supervisor, West (Roseville, CA)

Mike Ledna: East Coast Supervisor/National Crosschecker (Orange Park, FL)

Doug Thurman: National Crosschecker (Tracy, CA)

Drew Toussaint: National Hitting Crosschecker (Lakewood, CA)

Cesar Aranguren: Miami, FL (South FL)

Gary Brown: Frisco, TX (North TX)

Jet Butler: Brandon, MS (LA, MS, AR, AL)

Daniel Coles: Raleigh, NC (Northern NC, VA, MD, PA)

Jarrett England: Murfreesboro, TN (KY, Southern OH, TN)

Chris Heidt: Rockford, IL (IL, IA, IN, MN, WI, MI, Northern OH)

John Kosciak: Milton, MA (MA, CT, ME, RI, NH, VT, NY, NJ)

Rusty McNamara: Los Angeles, CA (Southern CA)

Marlin McPhai: Irmo, SC (Southern NC, SC, GA)

Rich Morales: Pacifica, CA (Northern CA, HI)

(Video) Report: Theo Epstein not joining New York Mets' front office | Brother From Another

Jim Reeves: Camas, WA (Western Canada, AK, WA, OR, ID, WY, MT)

Brian Reid: Gilbert, AZ (AZ, CO, NM, UT, Las Vegas)

Harry Shelton: Sugarland, TX (South TX)

Scott Thomas: Chesterfield, MO (KS, OK, NE, MO, ND, SD, IA)

Jon Updike: Apopka, FL (Central FL)

Glenn Walker: Long Beach, CA (Southern CA)


Steve Barningham: Director, International Scouting

Moises de la Mota: Supervisor, Latin America

Oliver Dominguez: Supervisor, Dominican Republic & Cuba

Ismael Perez: Supervisor, Venezuela

John Hendricks: Supervisor, Pitching Evaluation & Development

Harold Herrera: Coordinator, Latin America

Felix Romero: Scout, Dominican Republic

Kelvin Dominguez: Scout, Dominican Republic

Wilson Peralta: Scout, Dominican Republic

Robert Espejo: Scout, Venezuela

Carlos Perez: Scout, Venezuela

Andres Nunez: Scout, Venezuela

Martin Arvizu: Coordinator, Mexico

Elvis Rios: Scout, Panama

Manuel López: Venezuelan Video Coordinator

Alejandro Diaz: Tryout Coach, Dominican Republic

Jose Luis de Leon: Video Coordinator, Dominican Republic


Kevin Howard: Director, Player Development

Hugh Quattlebaum: Director, Hitting Development

Dick Scott: Coordinator, Coaching Development and Instruction

Kevin Boles: Field Coordinator

Thomas Joseph: Low-A Pitching Coach

Steven Wayne: Schrenk Triple-A Pitching Coach

Yoel Monzon: Complex Pitching Coach

Ken Knutson: Coordinator, Throwing Projects

Kyle Driscoll: Pitching Movement/Rehab Coach

Tim Teufel: Infield Coordinator

Bob Natal: Catching Coordinator

Matt den Dekker: Outfield/Baserunning Coordinator

Rafael Fernandez: Minor League Roving Instructor

Phil Regan: Sr Advisor, Pitching Development

Bobby Floyd: Senior Advisor


Jeremy Barnes: Director, Player Development Initiatives

Kevin Walsh: Manager, Player Development Initiatives

Andrew Christie: Coordinator, Player Development Initiatives


Matt Hunter: Medical Coordinator

Robert Tarpey: Minor League Athletic Trainer

Alanna Salituro: Rehab and Reconditioning Coordinator

Luke Passman: Performance Coach Coordinator

Alex Tavarez: Latin America Performance Coaching Coordinator

Jackson Bertoli: Sport Scientist

Luke Novosel: Reconditioning Specialist

Samantha Gilmore: Mental Skills Coordinator

Drew Skrocki: Complex Performance Coach

Kory Wan: Rehab Performance Coach

Geordan Stapleton: Performance Dietitian


Ronny Reyes: Director, Minor League Operations

Juan Henderson: Director, Latin America Operations

John Mullin: Equipment/Operations Manager

Michael Vavalle: Clubhouse Manager

Drew Dunton: Assistant Clubhouse Manager

Amy Ross: Assistant, Minor League Operations

Neskys Liriano: Education Coordinator


Dr. David Altchek: Medical Director

Dr. Struan Coleman: Head Team Physician

Dr. Andrew Pearle: Associate Team Physician

Dr. Kathryn McElheny: Non-Operative Medical Director

Dr. Anil Ranawat: Orthopedist

Dr. Joshua Dines: Orthopedist

Dr. Jonathan Deland: Foot & Ankle Specialist

Dr. Lawrence Levin: Cardiologist

Dr. James Kinderknecht: Primary Care Specialist

Dr. Richard Cohen: Internal Medicine Specialist

Dr. Bernard Rawlins: Spine Specialist

Dr. Michelle Carlson: Hand Specialist

Terrance Sgroi: Physical Therapy Specialist

Dr. Howard Livers: Dentist

Dr. Michael Jacobs: Dermatologist

Dr. Rock Positano: Podiatrist

Dr. Wayne Winnick: Chiropractor

Dr. Sangwoo Lee: Ophthalmologist

Dr. James Carr: Physician

Dr. Ana Kreiger: Sleep Specialist


Jim Cavallini: Director of Performance & Sports Science

Brian Chicklo: Head Major League Trainer

Joseph Golia: Assistant Athletic Trainer

Sean Bardenett: Coordinator of Rehabilitation & Reconditioning

Josh Bickel: Reconditioning Therapist

(Video) David Wright explains new role with New York Mets front office

Dean Little: Sports Science Coordinator

Dustin Clarke: Performance Coach

Mike Schofield: Assistant Performance Coach

Anthony Olivieri: Infection Control and Prevention Coordinator & Contact Tracing Officer

Jack Jung: Massage Therapist

Carsan Dittman: Performance Dietitian

Tomas Membreno: Executive Chef


Brian Small: Director, Team Travel

Kevin Kierst: Equipment Manager

Dave Berni: Visiting Clubhouse Manager


Jeff Deline: Chief Revenue Officer

Cathy Montalto: Executive Assistant


John Morris: Executive Director, Business Analytics & Intelligence

James Benesh: Director, Consumer Strategy & Insight

Douglas Joe: Database Architect

Jon Cokorinos: Senior Manager, Business Analytics & Intelligence

Raymond Borriello: Application Developer


Brian Fling: Vice President, Corporate Partnerships

Brian Glynn: Senior Director, Corporate Partnership Sales

Bill Kain: Director, Corporate Partnership Sales

Peter Sachs: Senior Manager, Corporate Partnership Sales

Juan Londono: Manager, Corporate Partnership Sales

Joseph Johnson: Manager, Corporate Partnership Sales

Brielle Speranzini: Manager, Corporate Partnership Services

Ashley Buttrick: Senior Director, Corporate Partnership Strategy

Jamie Ozure: Director, Corporate Partnership Strategy

Kellogg Adams: Senior Manager, Corporate Partnership Strategy

Matt Heffley: Senior Manager, Partnership Strategy & Analytics

Mike Genaro: Manager, Corporate Partnership Strategy

Meghan Baker: Senior Director, Corporate Partnership Activation

Don Gregory: Senior Manager, Corporate Partnership Activation

Ethan Mitnik: Senior Manager, Corporate Partnership Activation

Ally Futterman: Manager, Corporate Partnership Activation

Allie Weiller: Senior Manager, Corporate Partnership Activation

Sarah Patti: Coordinator, Corporate Partnership Activation

Bairre Reilly: Coordinator, Corporate Partnership Activation

Matt Cohen: Senior Manager, Suite Services


Kenny Koperda: Vice President, Ticket Sales & Services

Jarett Parver: Executive Director, Ticket Operations

Alan Aldwell: Senior Director, Membership Services

Michael Berman: Senior Director, Ticket Operations

Jake Winowich: Senior Director, Group Sales & Services

Tahlor Levine: Senior Director, Premium Sales & Service

Janaki Cash: Director, Revenue Innovation & Strategy

Kyle Ingram: Director, Season Ticket Account Services

Eric Petersen: Director, Ticket Services

Nicholas Szpur: Director, New Business Development

Taylor Kelly: Senior Manager, Ticket Sales Logistics & Hospitality

Abby Higgins: Manager, Inside Sales

Tyler DeFranco: Manager, Inside Sales

Chris Annarumma: Premium Service Manager

Chris Courchesne: Premium Service Manager

Joseph Perez: Premium Service Manager

Ruell Dubin: Manager, Ticket Operations

Alex Ducorsky: Coordinator, Ticket Operations

Michele Rachek: Manager, Ticket Services

Michael Parton: Ticket Portfolio Manager

Rich Leocadio: Coordinator, Priority Ticketing & Services

John Howard: Senior Coordinator, Ticket Operations

Wayne Wang: Analyst, Asian Development & Sales

Young Choi: Analyst, Korean Market Development & Sales

Group Sales & Services Senior Account Executives: Carlos Ames, Nicole Annese; Cam Butler, Howard Cole, Jr., Alan Gaines, Aaron Ryley, Scott Wolfe

New Business Development Account Executives: Kennedey Bass, Andrew Nee, James McCarthy, Kevin Moncada, Matthew Noone, Luis Santiago, Max Sheiman

Season Ticket Account Services: Account Executives: Robert Chiusano, Elizabeth Krall, Austin Lockett, Ciara Lockwood, Andrew Rumney, Bryan Safer, Emmanuel Santiago, Tori Tedeschi, Christopher Walsh, Kenneth Woolley


Heather Collamore: Senior Vice President, Mets Events & Venue Services

Taryn Donovan: Executive Director, Venue Services

Brian Fanelli: Director, Venue Services & Authentics

Tara Napoli: Director, Venue Services & Promotions

Nicole Losito: Coordinator, Venue Services

Ryan Cacchioli: Coordinator, Venue Services

Lauren O’Keefe: Assistant, Venue Services

Adam Kaplan: Assistant, Venue Services


Heather Collamore: Senior Vice President, Mets Events & Venue Services

Amanda Cieri: Senior Director, Event Operations

Lisa Barbara: Director, Event Sales

Jenny Ice: Senior Manager, Event Operations

Ryan Keller: Senior Manager, Event Financial Operations

Matt Cowan: Manager, Event Operations

Jamie Logan: Senior Account Executive, Event Sales

Caitlyn Maio: Senior Coordinator, Event Operations

Danielle DeLuna: Coordinator, Event Operations

Kara Torzullo: Coordinator, Event Operations

Cathy Montalto: Executive Assistant


Andy Goldberg: Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer


(Video) New York Mets Front Office Search May Finally Be Coming to an End

Frank Anselmo: Executive Creative Director

Will Carafello: Senior Director, Social Media

Jill Grabill: Senior Director, Marketing

Marc Levine: Team Photographer

Ryan Chatel: Video Editor, Social Media

Becky Savoia: Designer, Creative Services

Claire Dalton: Assistant, Content & Marketing

Donean Guerrero: Assistant, Marketing

Kelvy Alter: TikTok Specialist


Bobby Clemens: Senior Director, Content & Marketing Productions

Brendan McKeon: Senior Director, Technology & Marketing Productions

Maurice Abbate: Director, Original Content

Josh Rosenman: Director, Content & Marketing Productions Creative

Anthony Vario: Video Editor, Productions

Jonathan Baron: Coordinator, Content

Josh Cohen: Coordinator, Content

Jenna Doak: Assistant, Marketing & Productions

Marysol: Castro Public Address Announcer

Colin Cosell: Public Address Announcer


Lorraine Hamilton: Executive Director, Broadcasting & Special Events

Laura South: Director, Broadcasting & Special Events

Gabby Jasper: Coordinator, Broadcasting & Special Events


Harold Kaufman: Vice President, Communications

Ethan Wilson: Senior Director, Communications

Zach Weber: Manager, Communications

Kristin Wojcik: Coordinator, Communications

Alan Suriel: Bilingual Media Coordinator/Translator

Zack Becker: Assistant, Communications

Josh Lederman: Assistant, Communications


Jay Horwitz: Vice President, Alumni Public Relations & Team Historian

Devon Sherwood: Coordinator, Alumni Public Relations & Team Historian



John Ricco: Senior Vice President & Chief of Staff

Neal Kaplan: Vice President, Strategy

Claire Kueny: Director, Strategy

Marigrace Boothman: Manager, Workday Business Systems

Marchrista Jones: Analyst, Business Systems

Janine Laboy-Gonzalez: Administrative Assistant, Strategy


Katie Pothier: Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer

James Denniston: Executive Director & Co-General Counsel

Jessica Villanella: Executive Director & Co-General Counsel

Ennis Coble: Director, Counsel


Eva Ramsaran: Senior Director, Human Resources

Andrew Giuliani: Senior Director, Talent Acquisition

Aubrey Wechsler: Director, Employee Engagement

Brandon Nieuw: Director, Baseball Employee Processes

Dan Bianchini: Analyst, Human Resources

Ryan Kristopik: Coordinator, Recruiting

Yvette Belizaire: Coordinator, Benefits Coordinator

Danielle Esposito: Executive Assistant

Edgar Suero: Coordinator, Office Services

Wendy Porter: Receptionist


Felix Cruz: Director, Corporate Procurement & Project Management

Bennett Sciacca: Manager, Coporate Procurement & Project Management

Maverick Palabasan: Purchasing Agent, Corporate Procurement & Project Management

Jan Padron: Purchasing Agent, Corporate Procurement & Project Management

Kevin Clifford: Coordinator, Procurement


Mark Brubaker: Chief Technology Officer

Oscar Fernandez: Vice President, Technology Solutions

Sean Olsen: Vice President, Technology Infrastructure

Eric Ramos: Executive Director, Information Technology

Tim Gunkel: Executive Director, Ballpark Technology

Caroline Hoos: Head of Program Management & Technology

Sameer Gupta: Head of Data Solutions

Tanny Petchor: Senior Manager, Technology Solutions

Robert Silver: Senior Network Engineer

Meldon Pereira: Lead Data Engineer

Venkata Soma: Cloud Engineer

Steve D’Costa: Help Desk Manager

Albert Daci: Help Desk Technician

Luis Santiago: Help Desk Technician

Sean Feliciano: Help Desk Technician

Rey Ramirez: Systems Administrator

Enrike Klevan: Audio-Visual Systems Specialist

Ryan Campbell: Technical Support Analyst


Jeanne Melino: Senior Vice President Foundation and Community Engagement

Julianna Sabra: Co-Head of Foundation & Community Engagement

Jane Son: Co-Head of Foundation & Community Engagement

Donovan Mitchell: Senior Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Player Relations

Tony Croslin: Manager, Community Engagement and Player Relations

Erica Wells: Coordinator, Foundation and Community Engagement

Joe Barone: Content & Visual Creator, Foundation and Community Engagement

(Video) New York Mets Front Office Search at a Standstill


Steve Canna: Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

Peter Woll: Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis

John Ventimiglia: Executive Director, Controller

Keith McCloat: Director, Financial Planning & Analysis

Ralph Ardolina: Director, Payroll

Lauren LoGiudice: Senior Financial Analyst

Shannon Conerty: Senior Accountant

Lindsay Silvestri: Staff Accountant

Ivan Ortiz: Manager, Accounting

Mary Phelan-Cox: Payroll Supervisor

Kaytlynn Orioles: Payroll Clerk

Jessie Rodriguez: Accounts Payable Coordinator


Jeffrey White: Executive Vice President, Operations

Maicy Schwartz: Executive Assistant, Operations


Chris Brown: Vice President, Guest Experience & Venue Services

Michelle Cronk: Manager, Transportation & Medical Services

C.J. Quackenbush: Coordinator, Guest Experience

Matthew Rutherford: Assistant, Guest Experience


Sue Lucchi: Vice President, Ballpark Operations

Peter Cassano: Executive Director, Ballpark Operations

Bill Deacon: Executive Director, Field Operations

Michael Dohnert: Senior Director, Ballpark Operations

Anthony Devita: Senior Director, Construction Projects

Sara Bollock: Director, Building Command Center

Ann Marie Breyer: Director, Landscaping & Horticulture Services

Mike Newby: Director, Building Operations

Robert Thompson: Loading Dock Supervisor

Andy Beggs: Manager, Field Operations

Tim McAndrew: Manager, Field Operations

Joe Ambroselli: Coordinator, Ballpark Operations

Ryan Crofts: Coordinator, Ballpark Operations

John Toral: Coordinator, Ballpark Operations

Luis Soto: Manager, Building Operations

Wonford Duberry: Coordinator, Building Operations

Michael Riconda: Coordinator, Building Operations

Michael Sutera: Coordinator, Building Operations

Richard Staszewski: Coordinator, Building Operations

Jay Chen: Coordinator, Building Operations


John McKay: Vice President, Security

Stephen Dillon: Senior Director, Security

Toni Pelosi: Director, Security

Conrade Murray: Manager, Security

Brianna Dammers: Manager, Security

Robert Stallone: Coordinator, Security

Matthew Donenfeld: Assistant, Security


Jason Smorol: General Manager

Katie Berger: Assistant General Manager

Brian Paupeck: Assistant General Manager, Stadium and Baseball Operations

Kathleen McCormick: Director, Sales & Marketing

Julie Cardinali: Manager, Corporate Sales

Anthony Cianchetta: Director, Multimedia Production

Will Commisso: Director, Ticket Operations

Michael Tricarico: Director, Broadcasting & Media Relations

John Stewart: Director, Turf Management

Nate Flask: Assistant Director, Turf Management

Bill Ryan: Manager, Luxury Suites & Hospitality

Danny Tripodi: Manager, Social Media & Graphics

Patrick Taylor: Senior Staff Accountant

Frank Santoro: Staff Accountant

Billy Scholten: Manager, Ticket Office

Mike Giruzzi: Account Executive, Group Sales

Phoebe Langdon: Account Executive, Group Sales

Katie Baldwin: Account Executive, Group Sales


Paul Taglieri: Executive Director, Minor League Facilities

Traer Van Allen: General Manager, St Lucie Mets

Kasey Blair: Assistant General Manager, St Lucie Mets Game Day Operations

Kyle Gleockler: Assistant General Manager, St Lucie Mets Team Operations

Lauren DeAcetis: Director, Sales & Corporate Partnerships

Brett Bladergroen: Manager, Sales & Corporate Partnerships

Adam MacDonald: Manager, Broadcast & Media Relations

Doug Dickey: Manager, Fantasy Camp & Special Events

Josh Sexton: Coordinator, Group Sales & Hospitality

Mary O'Brien: Executive Assistant

Jeff Montpetite: Maintenance


Steve Cohen: Vice President

Kevin Mahoney: General Manager

Billy Harner: Director, Communications

Christina Moore: Director, Community Relations

Vladimir Lipsman: Manager, Operations

Sharon Lundy: Administrative Assistant & Community Relations

Max Colten: Head Groundskeeper

Tatiana Isdith: Senior Accountant

Tommy Cardona: Partnership Development

Keith Raad: Account Executive & Broadcaster

Mordechai Twersky: Account Executive

Ricky Viola: Account Executive

Bryan Wynne: Account Executive


How do I contact the Mets front office? ›

Contact Us
  1. Mailing Address.
  2. Front Office Phone: (772) 871-2100.
  3. Ticket Office Phone: (772) 871-2115.
  4. Ticket Office Fax: (772) 785-6878.
  5. Email:
  6. Twitter: @stluciemets.
  7. Instagram: @stluciemets.

Who is in the front office of the Mets? ›

Earlier today, a source confirmed to Inside the Mets that the team has brought in Jonathan Strangio as vice president of baseball operations, Nate Horowitz as senior director of player personnel, Nick Spar as director of baseball operations and Steve Martone as a special assistant.

How do you become a Mets ball boy? ›

Applicants must have excellent communication skills, be proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel/Word), have knowledge of Major League Baseball, and a desire to work in a fast-paced environment. Of course, they should love baseball! Interns will work at Citi Field in Flushing, New York.

Who are the Mets scouts? ›

Pages in category "New York Mets scouts"
  • Shooty Babitt.
  • Bruce Benedict.
  • Rafael Bournigal.
  • Tommy Bridges.
  • Nelson Burbrink.

Who is the manager of the Mets? ›

Luis Rojas was hired in his place as manager for the 2020 season, However on October 4, 2021 after 2021 season the Mets has declined his option contract after two seasons lost for the playoffs. On December 20, 2021, Buck Showalter was announced as the club's 23rd manager.

Why can't the Mets find a GM? ›

The Mets did not hire GM Jared Porter until mid-December, but that was due to several obstacles of ownership transition when Cohen purchased the Mets for $2.4 billion in the fall of 2020.

Who is the new Mets owner? ›

' LOS ANGELES - This has to be music to the ears of New York Mets fans. Billionaire owner Steve Cohen joined his ball club out west for their four-game series with the Dodgers, and spoke about the first place Mets and their strong start in the first 54 games of the regular season. "We've added a lot.

What's the latest baseball news? ›

MLB News
  • Díaz proves his resilience in walk-off win.
  • D-backs hustle for 1st sweep of Giants since 2019.
  • Fiery Skubal tightens screws to set up Tigers' walk-off win.
  • Ray teaches Kirby 'nasty' two-seam fastball.
  • WATCH: The Martian meets Mets' Ramirez for FREE on MLB.TV.
  • Prospects who could be dealt -- one for each team.

Do batboys travel with team? ›

The first thing to understand is that, except in very rare circumstances, bat boys don't travel on road trips with the team. So the home and visiting bat boys are both employed by the home team.

Do MLB batboys get paid? ›

Most bat boys make around $9 or $10 an hour.

Also, since they only work home games, they only get 81 days of work each year.

How old are MLB batboys? ›

Snow, while in the act of scoring a run for the Giants, grabbed the young boy at home plate, avoiding the batboy possibly being involved in a collision with other baserunners or players from the opposing team. After the incident, MLB set a minimum age of 14 for batboys.

Is Citi Field box office open? ›

Ticket Office Hours: On gamedays, the Citi Field Ticket Office is open Monday-Friday from 9am until the middle of the 7th inning. On weekend gamedays, the Citi Field Ticket Office is open from 9am until the end of the 7th Inning (source).

What time do gates open at Citi Field? ›

Current Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. or the end of the 7th inning for home games. Saturday: – 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m or the end of the 7th inning for home games. Sunday: Closed on non-game days. On gamedays – 9:00 a.m. – the end of the 7th inning for home games.

Who is the new Mets owner? ›

' LOS ANGELES - This has to be music to the ears of New York Mets fans. Billionaire owner Steve Cohen joined his ball club out west for their four-game series with the Dodgers, and spoke about the first place Mets and their strong start in the first 54 games of the regular season. "We've added a lot.

What street is Citi Field on? ›

Citi Field
Address41 Seaver Way
LocationFlushing, Queens, New York City
Coordinates40°45′25″N 73°50′45″W
Public transitLong Island Rail Road (LIRR): Port Washington Branch at Mets–Willets Point New York City Subway: ​ trains at Mets–Willets Point New York City Bus: Q48
19 more rows

Staff directory for the Los Angeles Dodgers front office.

Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer: Lon Rosen. Senior Director, Global Partnership Administration & Services: Jenny Oh. Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales & Premium Sales & Services: Antonio Morici. Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales & Premium Sales & Services: Antonio Morici. Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales & Premium Sales & Services: Antonio Morici

The Official Site of Minor League Baseball web site includes features, news, rosters, statistics, schedules, teams, live game radio broadcasts, and video clips.

On Nov. 17, 2011, Major League Baseball unanimously approved the purchase of the Houston Astros by a group headed by Houston businessman Jim Crane, marking the beginning of a new era of Astros baseball.. Maggie moved to Corpus Christi in 2003 to attend Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.. Born and raised in nearby Kingsville, he currently lives in Corpus Christi with his wife Sara, who loves baseball and plans to spend a lot of time at Whataburger Field while Kaleb's working.. Liz, who received her bachelor’s degree in Sport Management from Stetson University, enjoys going to the beach, playing tennis and spending time with her two cats, Zachary and Sabrina.. Cassie graduated from Texas A&M University in May 2021 with a degree in Sports Conditioning and a minor in Business.. Travis rejoined the club in January 2022 after beginning his baseball career as a Hooks video production assistant in 2017.. Brett moved on to the University of Nevada-Reno for a Marketing degree before earning a Master's in Sport Management from the University of San Francisco.. He then became a Ballpark Operations Assistant during the 2014 World Series season.. Taylor, who joined the Hooks in January 2022, is a graduate of Northwood University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management.. She graduated from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi in 2013 with a degree in Sport Management and Marketing.. Outside the ballpark, he enjoys going to concerts, the beach, playing golf, and spending time with family.. During his slim time spent away from Whataburger Field, Mike enjoys fishing and football.

The Official Site of Major League Baseball

Andrew Tinnish: Vice President, International Scouting & Baseball Operations. Michael Rivera: Assistant, Player Development. Harry Einbinder: Manager, Amateur & International Scouting. Alex Mohamed: Program Specialist. T.J. Burton: Program Manager, Amateur Baseball. John Santana: Senior Director, Ticket Sales & Service


1. Rosario's Risk Pays Off, Expanded Postseason, Mets Blowing Front Office Search? | MLB News & Rumors
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